The CLIMA is an enterprise dedicated exclusively to accommodating industries, logistic companies, commerce, hotels, etc., equipped with the most modern technologies when it comes to facilities and technical features.

Due to its infrastructure, security and installations quality, the CLIMA project represents an attractivity factor for new companies in Macaé, contributing for the city to maintain its position as the business center of the oil & gas sector in Brazil.


Total Area: 6,363,525.734m2;
Urban Green Areas: 1,584,869.211m2;
Private Areas of urbanized lands of 5,000m2 up to large glebes of 405,000m2 = 4,274,959.750m2


• Private security shared by users ;
• Reserved areas for hotels ;
• Lands completely plain and urbanized on delivery ;
• Landscaping project compatible with business and industrial areas.


The CLIMA also comprises the implantation of a Helicenter with capacity to meet all current and future demand in the region.